It's all about the Process.

There are many ways to train dogs to do things (and to not do things), but which methods we

choose can have a big effect on a dog’s overall outlook and demeanor. We find that motivating

dogs by rewarding them for behaviors we want and providing consequences for those we don’t

want gives each dog the best chance at success. Consequences and rewards are relevant to the dog, of course, so our process varies with each dog’s specific needs. 

We do not limit ourselves to one set of tools and use the full learning paradigm to train dogs. We use food, toys, prong collars, electronic collars, and anything else that a dog may find motivating. The most important aspect of integrating various tools into training is remaining fair and consistent. 

The process of teaching a dog new behaviors and eliminating old ones, especially those that have been going on for a while, takes time. We pride ourselves on the process of creating lasting solutions that transfer well to the owner and always being available for follow up questions and lessons. 

Interested in signing up for one of our training programs? Fill out our training intake form and you'll be contacted by a trainer to get the ball rolling!
Rookie Camp


Calling all puppy parents! Rookie camp is our play and learn daycare program for puppies eight weeks to six months. The Rookie Camp program focuses on developing healthy socialization and play skills at a critical time in a dog’s development. In addition to playtime, puppies receive several mini training sessions during their day to practice basic obedience, impulse control, crate training and housebreaking. Each day is unique and customized for each puppy’s specific needs and abilities. Space is limited to 4 puppies per day. Reservations required.




Buy 5 sessions and 6th is free!


Day Training Program


The best of both worlds! Your dog’s daycare day combined with training sessions. It’s great for clients working through private lessons who want their dogs to get more time with the trainer and gets our entire staff on board with your dog’s training plan. Contact us to see if the day train program is right for your dog! 




Space is limited to two dogs per day. Reservations required.


Board and Train Program

Sometimes a dog’s needs are greater than what we can cover in private lessons or day training. The Board and Train program allows your dog to get immersed into their training and experience multiple times a day where skills are being taught and reinforced. 

The success of a board and train rests largely on the transition back into the home environment. Our transition session is the most important (and exciting!) day of the training process. We love showing owners how to use their dog’s new skills to better manage them in and out of their homes.


Once your dog has completed a board and train at Process, we are always available for questions and help for the lifetime of your dog. We strive to see all of our dogs succeeding and will work with you to get the results you want!


Update: We are currently accepting dogs for September 2020 board and train and beyond.Email Amanda for more information.


Private Lessons


60 minutes of one-on-one time with the trainer in our facility. Learn a set of techniques for working with your dog and go home to practice, practice, practice! A great opportunity to troubleshoot and answer any questions you may have about your dog’s behavior. Private lessons are great for dog-savvy owners who would like to do most of the training themselves. Private lessons are also great follow-up ideas for dogs who have gone through our more extensive training or our Rookie Camp.


All of our programs begin and end with a private lesson. 


Availability: Weekday afternoons and evenings.




AKC Canine Good Citizen Testing


We are certified to test for the following AKC certifications: S.T.A.R Puppy, Canine Good Citizen, Urban CGC,

Community Canine, and Trick Dog.


If you are interested in taking any of the tests you may contact us for an appointment.

We occasionally offer group testing events and will have those posted in the events section of our website. 

Availability: Weekday afternoons and evenings.

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