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Benefits of Board and Train:

Faster, reliable results. When a dog spends hours a day with a trainer it means excellent repetitions each time. We can take new behaviors from learning stages to fluency much faster than a typical owner.

Immersive training environment. Many of the skills our board and trains learn aren't necessarily directly addressed but acquired through the stay. The ability to be around other dogs, new environments and work with new people are all benefits of the program.

The opportunity to be re-introduced back into their home environment with a new set of skills and game plan for everyone.

Long term relationship with your trainer. 

Our Board and Train programs run Monday-Friday with send-home lessons on Fridays. Dogs spend the weekends at home with their families and return on Mondays until their program is finished. The weekends at home are optional and we are happy to board our training dogs in our boarding facility over the weekends if they don't go home. `

3 Week Board and Train

Cost: $1,400

What's included: 1 Mini Educator Ecollar ($150 value). 5 private lessons ($325 value).

Our most popular program! 

- Is your dog lunging/pulling/barking towards other dogs or people on walks?

- Is your dog guarding resources such as food, toys, space?

- Do you have a dog you want reliably trained to perform common obedience tasks such as heeling, down, stay, come when called?

- Do you want your dog to heel and be off-leash trained for more enjoyable and versatile park trips?

These are common behaviors we address in our 3 week program. Each board and train is different and built around the needs of the dog and their owner. Any potential board and train dogs will first complete a free trial day of daycare/day train and/or a private lesson to further lay out plans for their stay. 

Dogs enrolled in our board and train program spend the majority of the day in our training center but also get social time with other dogs in the daycare. They spend the night at our boarding facility which is staffed 24/7.

Your dog's success after the program relies heavily on how well you are able to follow through and adhere to behavior plans. Dogs are not "fixed" after a board and train and owners should expect to be involved in the process. Graduates of our 3 week program receive 2 free follow-up lessons to be used anytime. Lessons can be at our facility, off-site or in your home (mileage fee applies to anything over 15 mile radius).

2 Weeks To Off-Leash Board and Train


Cost: $1,000

Includes: 1 Mini Educator Ecollar ($150 value). 3 private lessons ($195 value).

Give your dog the gift of ultimate freedom with off-leash reliability! Dogs in this program will spend time perfecting their recall and proofing it with the use of an electronic collar. The first week is spent revisiting the basics of recall and building our dogs up for success! The second week is spent out on field trips working in local parks to make sure they are fluent and ready for their off-leash "wings." 

The two-week off leash program is designed for relatively stable dogs without any major behavioral issues such as human/dog aggression, reactivity or severe shyness. Dogs must be at least 6 months old. Dogs between ages 6-8 months will be accepted on a conditional basis.

Occasionally certain dogs require us to slow down the program and break it into smaller steps. We don't rush the process or push dogs beyond certain stress thresholds to meet a deadline. Any dog we don't feel is fully off-leash ready at the end of two weeks will get free follow up day trains, lessons or more time in the board and train depending on owner preference. 

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