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Let the Good Times Roll

Daycare is a ball!
Daycare is a ball!

Demand for daycare and boarding has been high and we are regularly at capacity. We use a waitlist to bring new dogs into our daycare and boarding services. Anyone who wants to get their dog into either service will first be put on the waitlist. The waitlist is currently 1 year or longer. We wish we could say yes to everyone but giving each dog the day they deserve at Process Canine means not over-crowding our facility. Please email us with your name and your dog's name to get placed on the wait list. Thank you all for your patience!


Process Canine takes dog daycare to the next level. We offer all the fun of romping with the pack but with structure and supervision to keep dog play appropriate and safe. We're dog trainers, we can't help ourselves!

We have 5 play floors within 6,000 square feet of climate controlled indoor space that we use to rotate dogs into appropriate play groups, anywhere from 2-20 dogs at a time. Groups are arranged based on energy level and play style as the day goes on. We encourage appropriate interactions and work to match dogs in ways that benefit them the most.

Many dogs grow out of dog play or, if they play too much, can actually develop some bad play habits at daycare. We find that breaking up the daycare day with enrichment activities such as fetch or a game of tug can go a long way in maintaining a balanced play floor. In fact, a lot of our dogs have grown out of dog play and come specifically for their favorite games! We give breaks to dogs who need them, especially our young dogs who don't always self-regulate.

Your dog's day is the right balance of playtime with their canine friends and interaction with our staff. The goal is for daycare to be fun but not something that interrupts your dog's training or behavior outside of dog daycare. Read more about our daycare policies in our intake forms.

Daycare Rates

Daycare Packages



per day!



per day!



per day!



per day!

Full Day Daycare


Full Day Daycare-Two Dogs


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*Multi-dog discounts are only applied to dogs living in the same household.

10 Day Package


20 Day Package


10 Day Package for Two Dogs


20 Day Package for Two Dogs


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*Contact us about rates for 3+ dog households. 

Vaccination Policy

All Process Canine clients must show proof of and be current on the following vaccinations: Rabies, Bordatella (kennel cough), and Distemper. All dogs must also receive monthly flea/heartworm preventative AND have proof of a negative fecal sample within the past 6 months.


You may upload to your Gingr account, submit a paper copy or email us a copy. Process Canine will follow up with your veterinarian to be sure your dog stays up to date on vaccines. If there is a lapse in vaccinations your dog will be denied entrance into the facility until vaccines are administered.


*If your dog has an alternative vaccination protocol, please include a written note signed by your veterinarian and proof of a physical exam within the last year.  We will require proof of a veterinarian-administered antibody titer for each vaccine required at regular intervals.

Complete vaccination information, including our kennel cough disclaimer, is on our intake forms.

Regarding the Canine Influenza Vaccine: We do not currently require dogs to receive the Canine Influenza Vaccine, however, it is highly recommended. As of now, there are no confirmed cases of the illness in Northeast Ohio. We are following the situation closely and will adjust the policy as necessary. Contact your Veterinarian for more information.

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