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The Coolest Dog Sleepover in Town.


Our boarding area is actually a fully functional, large apartment above our facility that we have transformed into dog sleepover paradise. After a day of daycare, a staff member gets the dogs settled in for the evening and everyone winds down to some TV just like they would at home. The dogs are never left unattended and always have the comfort of a staff member with them throughout the night. 

Boarders have access to the upstairs respite spot throughout their day, so when they need a little extra rest or TLC, they can head upstairs and cozy in. Some of our more experienced canine boarders have learned this means you can go grab some extra z's after breakfast and that's just fine with us.

While we don't have any traditional kennels, we do use crates and gated rooms for dogs who need them overnight. We choose your dog's sleep spot based on your request and where we find the dog is getting their maximum amount of sleep! 

During the day, dogs get all the fun of regular daycare. Though we do often give our boarders rest periods to make sure they aren't overdoing it! The boarding pack gets VIP access to all that daycare has to offer on the weekends, too. We like to bring out special toys and have extra fun that we can't always do during the weekdays.

Visit our facility anytime during normal daycare hours for a complete tour and get answers to any questions you may have!

Boarding Rates

Boarding (per night)

*add $30 for additional dog


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*Boarding rate includes daycare before and after the overnight. We never charge for medication administration or any other special needs your dog may have!

Make a Reservation! 

All dogs must complete a trial day of daycare before they can schedule boarding. Out of town dogs can call or email us for special arrangements. Click here for more details on the trial day of daycare and vaccination requirements.

Once you have completed a trial day, you are welcome to board with us anytime! Reservations can be made over the phone, through email or via your client Gingr account.

Drop-off and Pick-up


Dogs with a reservation can be dropped off for boarding before noon on the weekdays.


Weekend drop-offs are available between 9-11am. Weekend pick-ups are from 9-11am or 5-7pm.

We do offer Holiday drop-offs and pick-ups.

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