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Puppy Head Start Program!

Process Canine's innovative puppy board and train program!
Who: dogs 8 weeks-4 months
Cost: $800/week

We have been asked many times if we offer puppy board and train programs and our answer was "no" for the longest time. We didn't feel like having a puppy spend those critical developmental periods at a training center was in their best interest. Process Canine is really excited to offer a home-based puppy board and train program designed to give your new puppy the best head start possible!


Puppy raising done well demands a lot of consistency and ongoing environmental management systems to prevent unwanted issues. Perhaps the most challenging (and least fun) initial undertaking when bringing home a puppy is crate and potty training. Crate training is often one of the most difficult things for dog owners to accomplish yet is absolutely necessary in the puppy raising process. The Puppy Foundations Board & Train program gives owners a strong head- start in setting their new dog up for success and making the most of critical development periods. Setting boundaries and energy expectations while also meeting the puppy’s mental and physical energy needs is an art, as is establishing a balanced relationship with humans and other dogs. We strive to raise active thinking, eager to learn dogs who love to work and cooperative with humans, but can also rest comfortably alone and be a dog in the background when needed. Development and maintenance of food and toy drive gives you valuable tools that will be crucial during training, enrichment, and exercise throughout your dog’s life. The Puppy Foundations Board & Train takes place in-home with the trainer, but your puppy will still have brief periods of facilitated socialization with appropriately selected dogs in daycare at Process Canine (as well as the trainer’s own dogs at their home) as part of their experience.


This option is for puppies right from the start of new ownership as well as any other time until they are 4 months of age, but the earlier the better!

*Please note! Certain obedience commands are not intended to be may not be mastered at the end of your puppy’s board and train, especially if they only attended for 2 weeks. Training and management systems will need to be carried over at home and are an ongoing process. This phase is not about a finished product in your dog, but the foundations needed to get you there. 

Ready to sign up? Email us to get more information!
Training Curriculum

  • Intensive potty training

  • Crate training 

  • Introduction to basic marker communication system

  • Development of toy and food drive 

  • Appropriate socialization with people/children, dogs, and other animals (cats, farm animals, etc.)  

  • Confidence building 

  • Exposure to various environmental stimuli, field trips, vet trips for puppy shots   

  • Establishment of a cooperative and balanced relationship with humans 

  • Engagement and learning foundations 

  • Introduction to basic commands

  • Individualized environmental management system to prevent/redirect common undesired behaviors (jumping, mouthiness, chewing, etc.) 

  • Grooming and handling desensitization (bathing, brushing, nail trims, etc.)

  • Leash skills

  • Optional: introduction to sport foundations (for owners looking to participate in dog sports)

Program Features
  • Initial Consult (prep checklist, assessment of individualized needs and priorities of the home)
  • 1 Send-Home Lesson (off or on-site)

  • 1 Follow-Up Lesson (off or on-site)

  • Unlimited Virtual Support (up to 6 months of age)

  • Option for weekend send-homes

  • Information packet 

  • Daily pictures, videos, and updates

  • Send-home bath + blow dry

  • What can I expect my puppy to know after the board and train?
    We will get your puppy started on important basic commands (sit, down, wait, coming when called, place and go to crate). The key word is started! Too often puppy training programs are sold as a training solution for life but that is not the case. Puppies usually hold attention better than adult dogs because they haven't experienced competing motivators yet. Simply put-their world is small! They haven't learned how much they like to chase squirrels or bark at dogs or any other habits your training will need to hold up against. Your dog will also go through developmental changes throughout the first 1-1.5 years of life and there are lots of skills they are simply too young to learn at this time! More advanced behaviors like stay and heel are polished off later in your dog's life. Everything we do with dogs under 5-6 months is about foundations and life skills!
  • How long is the program?
    The timeline is customizable based on availability and goals. We require a minimum stay of two weeks with the option to take the dog home on weekends. 2-4 weeks are commonly chosen timelines.
  • Can I visit my puppy during their board and train?
    You are welcome to schedule visits up to 1x/week unless the puppy is stressing out about the visits which sometimes happens with dogs who have already spent some time at home.
  • Can you take a puppy directly from breeder or shelter?
    Yes! As long as they are at least 8 weeks old and started on age-appropriate vaccinations.
  • Speaking of vaccines, what are the vaccination requirements?
    Questions about vaccinations are always a discussion to have with your vet. Our stance is as long as your puppy is on an age-appropriate vaccination schedule they are welcome to start the program. Our trainer is happy to take your puppy in for any veterinary visits needed during their stay, it is a great time to practice happy vet visits and cooperative care!

Meet the Trainer

Meagan is the Enrichment Camp Training Director and Puppy Foundations Board & Train Trainer at Process Canine. Meagan earned her Master of Science Degree in Applied Behavior Analysis & Autism from The Sage Colleges in 2018 and also works as a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) with children with autism. She is a Level 1 Canine Conditioning Fitness Coach and will obtain Levels 2-3 in the near future. Meagan has extensive experience in animal care and most recently volunteered at Lake Erie Nature & Science Center where she worked primarily with birds of prey, including her favorite the American Crow. In February 2020 she completed a workshop in Environmental Enrichment in Zoos & Aquariums with The Association for Zoos & Aquariums (AZA) at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Meagan has a passion for dog sports and most recently attended a canine detection workshop with world-renowned trainer Cameron Ford. Meagan regularly competes in dock diving and nose work trials. Her Belgian Malinois, Juniper, holds numerous titles with North American Diving Dogs (NADD), American Kennel Club (AKC) Scent Work, and the National Association for Canine Scent Work (NACSW). Juniper is one of the top-ranked Belgian Malinois in the country for Air Retrieve with NADD. Meagan's other dog sport hobbies/interests include agility, bitesports, disc, and bikejoring. She competes annually in the National Canine Biathlon. Meagan’s wife, Amanda, is the owner of Process Canine and the two of them currently own 5 dogs: Juniper (Belgian Malinois, 2), Jamba (Lab, 5), Roo (Shiba Inu, 9), Eden (Golden Retriever, 11), and Maple (Shetland Sheepdog, 11) as well as a small farm with pigs, goats, alpacas and other small pets. Meagan enjoys training, hiking and traveling with her dogs. 

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