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Brittany is one of those employees who was here only a short time before it felt like she was here a long time. She jumped right into


Amanda is the owner and head dog trainer here at Process Canine! She keeps the pack, both human and dog, in tip top shape. Amanda has 10 years of professional dog daycare and boarding experience and is a graduate of the Michael Ellis School for Dog Trainers in California (2015). Amanda approaches dog training with a scientific mindset and is always challenging her own methods. A true dog behavior junkie, if it's a book about dog training, she has read it and it's fully highlighted and annotated. If you have an hour to burn, ask her what "the process" is. 

In addition to her education a the world-renowned Michael Ellis School for Dog Trainers, Amanda is a certified AKC CGC, STAR Puppy, and CCGC evaluator and a Certified Trick Dog Instructor (CTDI). 

Amanda has a yellow lab named Jamba, a golden retriever, Eden, a sheltie named Maple and a shiba inu, Roo. When not at Process Canine she enjoys life at home with her wife and their pack.

"I found out years ago that people will let me hang out with their dogs, walk them, cuddle them, take them to the park, etc...and they will pay me to do it. I haven't looked back since!


Meet Kate! Kate graduated from Wittenberg University last May with an undergraduate degree in psychology. She spent a lot of time in college volunteering at a local humane society and socializing puppies who were in training to become service dogs for children with disabilities. Kate has one dog, Pete, and brings along her family's golden retriever, Arlo and their terrier mix, Alfie.

Kate is the assistant trainer at Process and does a lot of work with our Rookie Camp puppies as well as our Day Train dogs. 


Liza is a manager at Process Canine and one of our brightest faces! Liza brings several years of professional dog experience to Process Canine and has a background in local rescue. She is particularly skilled in working with shy and quirky dogs and we rely on her to work her magic often.

When not at Process, Liza spends time with her husband, Avery, their two dogs Sidney and Jack, and their beloved cat, Nessie. Liza brings a host of creative and artistic talents to Process that we happily exploit. If you see a great picture or brilliant holiday display there is a very high chance she is behind it. Behind every successful business there is a Liza keeping things together and we would not be our best without her! 


Emily is a manager at Process Canine and brings years of professional dog experience including being a professional groomer. Emily has a knack for reading dog behavior and play and is an invaluable resource to have on our team. She has a 3 year old fetch-maniac super pup named Bexley and a little kitten named Hunny. 


Emily is our little weekend adrenaline junkie and can be found riding her motorcycle and ATV’s or camping in the wilderness. We would worry about her safety though we trust Bexley to keep an eye on her. 


When Sam came for her interview she asked to move in upstairs and live with the dogs. She loves daycare so much we sometimes wonder if we have to pay her (we do, but, we wonder). Sam is our utility do-it-all-with-a-smile wonderful, stellar, joyful daycare pro. She doesn’t have a dog of her own yet but has a soft spot for small dogs and puppies.


Sam is an expert on late 90's pop music. She is also the 2nd best singer and 3rd best dancer on staff.


A true dog lover, Helen did not have any formal dog experience before her work at Process but has really found her place here! We have loved watching her learn and grow her skill set and can't wait for her to finally get a dog of her own. 


All of our staff have certain dogs they gravitate to and for Helen it is definitely all of our curly haired, fluffy floofer dogs. Doodles and all things Cavalier-mixed or under 20lbs seem to instinctually find Helen and realize she is their person. Helen has helped many shy dogs find their spunk at Process and is a favorite of the small dog playgroups. If your dog enjoys a good snuggle chances are high they have been in her lap! 

Helen has her BA in Fine Art from Kent State University and is currently studying for a certificate in Graphic Design. She is remarkably talented and humble and Process is a better place whenever she's here.


Abbey started at Process in May 2019 and within a month it seemed as though she'd always been on our squad. She has a lot of previous dog daycare experience and hit the ground running at Process. 

Abbey is a busy bee and thrives in our fast paced work environment. She is enrolled in a Veterinary Technician program and also works as an assistant at a Veterinary Hospital. She is always on the go and seemingly never tires (or sleeps!). 


Abbey is a Boxer junkie and has a Boxer named Howie. She also keeps our local Dunkin Donuts in business and the rest of us caffeinated with frequent coffee trips!

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