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Meet our Team! 


Amanda is the owner and head dog trainer here at Process Canine! She keeps the pack, both human and dog, in tip top shape. Amanda has 10 years of professional dog daycare and boarding experience and is a graduate of the Michael Ellis School for Dog Trainers in California (2015). Amanda approaches dog training with a scientific mindset and is always challenging her own methods. A true dog behavior junkie, if it's a book about dog training, she has read it and it's fully highlighted and annotated. If you have an hour to burn, ask her what "the process" is. 

In addition to her education a the world-renowned Michael Ellis School for Dog Trainers, Amanda is a certified AKC CGC, STAR Puppy, and CCGC evaluator and a Certified Trick Dog Instructor (CTDI). 

Amanda has a yellow lab named Jamba, a golden retriever, Eden, a sheltie named Maple and a shiba inu, Roo. When not at Process Canine she enjoys life at home with her wife and their pack.

"I found out years ago that people will let me hang out with their dogs, walk them, cuddle them, take them to the park, etc...and they will pay me to do it. I haven't looked back since!


Meet Kate! Kate was one of our original two hires when Process opened in November 2017 and has been along for the journey ever since. She is now a full time dog trainer here and spends most of her day in the training center working Rookie Campers and Board and Train dogs, as well as offering private lessons.


Kate graduated from Wittenberg University last May with an undergraduate degree in psychology. She spent a lot of time in college volunteering at a local humane society and socializing puppies who were in training to become service dogs for children with disabilities. Kate has one dog, Pete, who has become her training helper and quite the social butterfly!


Liza is also one of our first employees at Process Canine and has been with us since November 2017. She is a manager at Process Canine and one of our brightest faces! Liza brings several years of professional dog experience and has a background in local rescue. She is particularly skilled in working with shy and quirky dogs and we rely on her to work her magic often.

Liza brings a host of creative and artistic talents to Process that we happily exploit. She handles most of our social media as well as many other creative ventures including holiday displays, signage and setting up our retail shop. When not at Process, Liza spends time with her husband, Avery, their two dogs Sidney and Jack, and their beloved cat, Nessie. Behind every successful business there is a Liza keeping things together and we would not be our best without her! 


Emily is our jack of all trades! She is currently a manager and dog trainer in the making at Process Canine and brings years of professional dog experience including being a professional groomer. Emily has a knack for reading dog behavior and play and is an invaluable resource to have on our team. She has a 3 year old fetch-maniac super pup named Bexley and a little kitten named Hunny. 

Emily is a weekend adrenaline junkie and can be found riding her motorcycle and ATV’s or camping in the wilderness. She is an aspiring yogi and fitness enthusiast and we are all healthier for just having her around.We would worry about her safety on her many adventures though we trust Bexley to keep an eye on her. 


Abbey started at Process in May 2019 and within a month it seemed as though she'd always been on our squad. She has a lot of previous dog daycare experience as well as having worked at a veterinary clinic and hit the ground running at Process. 

Abbey is a enthusiastic busy bee and thrives in our fast paced work environment. She is enrolled in a Veterinary Technician program and also work at Process full time. She is always on the go and seemingly never tires or sleeps.


Abbey is a boxer junkie and has a 4 year old boxer, Howie. She also keeps our local Dunkin Donuts in business and the rest of us caffeinated with frequent coffee trips. When not at Process, Abbey enjoys spending time with her plant collection, going to concerts (especially her favorite band Pigeons Playing Ping-Pong), and spending time with her boyfriend Timothy.


When Sam came for her interview she asked to move in upstairs and live with the dogs. She loves daycare so much we sometimes wonder if we have to pay her (we do, but, we wonder). Sam is our utility do-it-all-with-a-smile wonderful, stellar, joyful daycare pro. She doesn’t have a dog of her own yet but has a soft spot for small dogs and puppies.


Sam is an expert on late 90's pop music. She is also the 2nd best singer and 3rd best dancer on staff. 


Brittany is one of those employees who was here only a short time before we forgot how we survived without her. Before she joined us in October 2019, Brittany worked as a dog trainer and also at a veterinary clinic. Her dog knowledge is top notch and she is extraordinarily helpful in all aspects of Process Canine.

Brittany is a daycare staple and also covers overnights throughout the week. She has two Australian shepherds, August and Killian. August is her highly qualified sidekick and you'll see him carry Brittany's water bottle, leashes, etc. to and from her car for her (it's very cool!). She even taught him to carry his bowl back to the kitchen sink after dinners. Killian focuses primarily on keeping close to Brittany and wondering when fetch will happen.

When she isn't at Process (which is rare),Brittany enjoys being with her animals, video games, and adding to her tattoo collection. 

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Closing Manager

Overnight/Weekend Expert

Brittany is one of those employees who was here a short time before we forgot how we survived without her! Before she joined us in October 2019, Brittany worked as a dog trainer and at a veterinary clinic. Her dog knowledge is top notch and she is extraordinarily helpful in all aspects of Process Canine. We have all learned so much from her!

Brittany is in daycare a couple days a week but is mainly our overnight and weekend guru as she handles a lot of the incoming and outgoing boarding dogs. She runs a tight ship, is super organized and rarely misses a beat!

She has three exceedingly well trained Australian Shepherds: August, Killian and Lena. If you're lucky you'll catch a glimpse of Auggie carrying her water bottle, bags etc. from her car on the way to work. When not at Process, Brittany enjoys being with her animals, is an avid video gamer, adding to her tattoo collection and most recently attending music festivals.



Manager/Daycare Pro

When Sam came for her interview in fall of 2018 she asked if she could move in and live with the dogs. She loves daycare so much we sometimes wonder if we even need to pay her to be here. Sam is Process Canine's utility player as she can jump into pretty much any position we need her in. She truly can do-it-all with a smile. She is the leader of the small dog posse at Process and you can usually find her holding one of them in her jacket.

Sam is a 90's music aficionado. She doesn't seem to need rest to function at 110% which is the level of energy she brings everyday. Sam could be the next American Ninja Warrior champion and often chooses to hop over our small walls and doors instead of going through them. 



Opening Manager

Rookie Camp Trainer

Abbey started at Process in May of 2019 and brought a ton of dog skills with her. She had extensive experience managing other daycare facilities and working at a vet clinic. Her skills + insane work ethic + her upbeat and easy to get along-with personality make her a true powerhouse of our team here. Abbey is an opening manager and our head Rookie Camp trainer. She is also responsible for a lot of the great social media content! 

Two truths and a lie, Abbey version:

1. Abbey once worked an entire shift with an active Appendicitis before we forced her to go to the hospital.

2. Abbey wears three pairs of pants when it is below 40 degrees.

3. Abbey does not like live music.

 Closing Manager


The most friendly face at Process! If you have needed any assistance here you know Liza is your go-to. Liza was one of our two first hires when Process opened in 2017 and is a major reason for our success. Working with Amanda for 6 years deserves its own award and Liza has managed to do just that as well as handling clients and staff under her as a manager.

Liza is a talented local artist and won a storefront competition for Process with her amazing holiday window display in 2021. She is also responsible for a lot of the great content on our social media! She is detail oriented and makes sure each client and dog gets the attention they deserve.

Liza lives in South Euclid with her husband, Avery, their beautiful perfect 2 year old son, Wyatt, and her dog Sidney. When not at Process, Liza enjoys time with her family, art and creative endeavors, caring for her many plants and trips to exotic grocery stores.


Daycare staff

Overnight expert

Staff DJ


Corey joined Team Process in 2020. He was a manager at his former daycare where he worked with Abbey! He does many of the overnight shifts so chances are good if your dog boards with us they will get a lot of quality time with Corey.

Corey is the staff DJ and keeps the dogs (and all of us) up to date on music. He is always looking out for the dogs in his care and making sure everyone is safe, comfortable and happy.

When not at Process, Corey is a gamer and headbanger, attending music festivals like Lost Lands and Electric Forest. One of the most easy to get along with human beings on the planet, Corey is a friend to everyone!




Amanda is the owner and head dog trainer at Process Canine! She keeps the pack, both human and dog, in tip-top shape. Amanda has 15 years of dog daycare and boarding experience and is a graduate of the Michael Ellis School for Dog Trainers in California (2015). Amanda approaches dog training with a scientific mindset and is always challenging her own methods in pursuit of the most effective, fair, and owner-friendly process to train dogs. A true behavior junkie, if its a book about dog training, she has read and re-read it. 

Amanda is an AKC certified CGC, STAR Puppy and CCGC evaluator and Certified Trick Dog Instructor and Canine Conditioning Coach (CTDI). In addition to her time at MES, Amanda has spent time shadowing Tyler Muto of K9 Connection in 2019. 

When not at Process, Amanda is happiest at home with her wife, 6 dogs, two goats, two alpacas and two pigs on their small farm in Novelty, OH. 

It is an honor to be trusted with people's dogs, both for care away from home and during the training process. I am so grateful to get to meet 

Staff Fun!
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