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We are currently not accepting new dogs for boarding or daycare. Anyone interested in either service is encouraged to join our waitlist. Thank you for your patience!
Process Canine is an all-inclusive dog daycare, boarding and training facility in Shaker Heights, OH. We are committed to the positive social development of your dogs and cover every angle imaginable to properly run our facility. Whether it's our unique take on daycare or our kennel-free overnight boarding, everything is done to maximize your dog's safety, fun, and mental well being.
Stop in for a tour anytime during normal business hours and see what the Process is all about! 
  • Largest outdoor play yard in Northeast Ohio at 16,000 sq. feet!
  • Trainer owned and operated
  • Air conditioned play floors and boarding area
  • Small, rotated play groups
  • Rookie Camp day program for dogs under 6 months
  • 24/7 supervision
  • Behavior savvy, professionally trained staff
  • 5 indoor play rooms
  • Joint-friendly rubber flooring and artificial turf
  • Training and structure built into every aspect of a dog's day
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More like camp for dogs, we rotate our pack through a variety of activities and playgroups throughout the day. Spread out over 5 play floors and an enormous outdoor yard, daycare at Process Canine is designed to maximize the fun of socializing with other dogs while still keeping things safe and appropriate. UPDATE: We are currently working off of a 3 year wait list for daycare and boarding services. More info here.


Boarding with Process Canine is what our business was built on and still what we do best! We know the key to a good overnight stay is plenty of fun followed by plenty of rest and we strive to give the dogs the most relaxing atmosphere possible while away from home. Overnight dogs get everything daycare has to offer and then “go upstairs” at the end of the day to unwind in our large second floor apartment with a staff member. The dogs sleep slumber-party style on couches, dog beds and twin beds while a staff member sleeps right alongside them.


There are many ways to get results in dog training, but how you get those results can have a big impact on your dog's mentality going forward. We are committed to the process of dog training and teaching our owners to work cooperatively with their dogs to achieve their goals. We use reward-based, balanced dog training methods and do not limit ourselves to any one set of principles. Private and small group lessons are available and built to suit your dog's needs. Come talk to us for a free quote today!

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